“Be devoted to one another in love.
Honor one another above yourselves.” 

Romans 12:10 (NIV)

CBC is currently closed to membership.

CAPTIVATING BUSINESS COMMUNICATION is a dynamic online community to serve people who want high quality communication training and mentoring. The main goal is to provide superior training that produces captivating and confident communicators. Helping people create daily communication that captivates is what our trainings do.

Learn to

  • honor others with every communication
  • build better relationships
  • have confidence in your writing and speaking
  • gain deep knowledge in communication concepts

The Captivating Business Communication Community will get you there.

All this for only $30/month


The selection of courses available to you is continually growing, with new trainings being added every one to two months. These courses are designed to both teach and engage and cover a vast array of topics. You should begin with the core concepts, but after that the choice is yours. See below for the main courses already available in our new community.

Add-on Options

Captivating Community members get other great benefits as well. You’ll have special pricing on separate courses that are not part of the membership, such as the A4 Mindset Method. And you’ll always be first to know about new offerings and programs.

Gamified Learning

Training modules are designed to enhance your learning experience. In addition to your video trainings, you have handouts to help you remember concepts and review later. You have a quiz that helps you test your knowledge & once you’ve successfully completed all of the module and passed your quiz, you can print out a completion certificate!

Facebook Group

Members get to join a private Facebook Group designed to foster opportunities for question and answer. This ramps up the level of interaction with Connie and opens up chances to dialog about particular situations and audiences.

Cancel Anytime

Members can cancel at any time with no penalty. Your membership will remain active until the end of your paid in full month.

Join the Revolution

Studies show that despite all of our “connections” through social media, humans are lonelier and more disconnected than ever. Why is that? My theory is that we aren’t really connecting anymore. And my mission is to help people better connect with others by teaching them how to truly communicate well. When we put others at the center of every communication effort, we honor them. And when we honor people, we build relationships and feelings of trust. Will you join me in my mission to bless everyone by giving them our communication best?

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